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Data for everyone

The goal of the Keboola Academy is to educate you and make you Keboola power users. We want to strengthen your Keboola knowledge with best practices and tips and tricks.
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August 2020
Register for a Data Academy starting in August, seats are being taken, so hurry up!
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October 2020
Register for a Data Academy starting in October our last run in this year!
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January 2021
Start your year fresh with Data Academy and register for our this year first Data Academy
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Our tracks

Track description

Upon the completion of the Data Engineer track, graduates will have the ability to build a simple data pipeline from scratch, or be able to jump into a existing Keboola project and be equipped to maintain the project.

  • Model data for your domain/organization
  • Advanced features in Keboola
  • Connect to REST API’s

Track description

Upon completion of the Sr. Data Engineer track, graduates will be able to architect a scaleable data hub from scratch.

  • Model data for your domain/organization
  • Utilize Keboola API’s to extend features
  • Best Practices for a clean, organized, and efficient pipeline
  • Advanced features in Keboola
  • Plan and architect multiple Keboola projects

Courses to complete

Track description

Upon the completion of the Developer track, graduates will have knowledge on how to extend Keboola with custom code and components.

  • Develop and publish components to Keboola
  • Acquire data from REST API’s
  • Work with Keboola’s APIs
"Academy has exposed me to all sorts of capabilities within Keboola that I didn't know were possible. Now that I am aware they exist, they open up a whole new level of brainstorming and excited about what we'll be able to leverage within our own project."
Clarice Robenalt, Analytics Engineer @ Compology
"It helped me a lot because I learned many new things. Especially things like Processors. Now I can do more things with Extractors and Writers. The Best Practice lesson was very good because I could go to my project and improve it."
Filip Kral, Data Analyst @ Performax
"The Academy helped me get a bigger picture about what we are doing and what is possible in terms of what that Keboola allows us to do."
Karel Dasek, Data Analytics Team Leader @ Red Media

Academy Schedule

Keboola Intro

Introduction to Keboola, how data moves in and out, and overview of most of the features.
data engineer
data engineer optional
sr data engineer

Best Practices and Tips

Advanced usage of Keboola, and tips.
data engineer optional

Debug Techniques

Building on the Best Practices and Tips session, learn to apply your knowledge towards debugging common issues.
data engineer optional

Components + Processors

Get an introduction to Processors, and how to incorporate them into the most useful and common components in Keboola Connection.
data engineer optional

Component Behind the Scenes

Get to know what's happening behind the scenes of components and how they work.
data engineer optional

Generic Extractor

Introduction to our Generic Extractor, for extracting data from REST API's.
data engineer optional

Business Data Model (BDM)

The Business Data Model is our recommendation for maintaining scalable data structures for your organization. Come learn what it is, and how it's different than other data models you come to typically see.
data engineer optional

Keboola API

Keboola Connection is built with API-first in mind. Get an overview of our API's.
data engineer optional

Multi-Project Architecture

Multi-Project Architecture is a way of architecting a scalable data initiative over an organization with many users and use cases. Recommended for organizations with an eye for advanced used cases.
data engineer optional

Component Creation Part 1

Learn how to customize Keboola by creating your own components and integrating Docker with KBC.
data engineer optional

Component Creation Part 2

Learn how to customize Keboola by creating your own components and integrating Docker with KBC. Part 2.
data engineer optional
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Martin Fiser
Head of Professional Services
David Esner
Data Developer
Marcus Wong
Customer Success Manager
Samuel Kozuch
Data Consultant
Radim Kasparek
Data Consultant
Leo Chan
Data Consultant

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