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Streamline your work with Keboola and Data Science Notebooks

Get your data ready for exploration in minutes by automating the entire ETL process.

*After the free trial you pay as you go, $6 per hour.

Speed up time from idea generation to data insights

Instead of losing time on re-writing scripts, deploy data models and gain insights with a few clicks. Work on the continuous improvement of your data models with a baseline of your choice.

Build models on top of your existing work

Build multiple models on top of your raw data or previous results stored in buckets. Full version control enables you to pick up the work from any previously stored data.

Tinker with data and build data models without a data engineer. Pay as you go, no contract needed. Just $6 per hour!

Ensure every step of your data model is reproducible

Share raw data, results, and analysis from Jupyter notebooks. Combined with versioning, your data models become easily reproducible or modified.

Automate repetitive tasks

Repeat a data pipeline execution automatically. Or, automate just the part that brings no value to your discovery work.

Data scientists from leading companies use Keboola for getting data insights and building data models