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Don’t worry, there is a solution to data problems. Keboola solves data headaches (link)

- an independent data environment of the primary systems which would enable business units to own their data and work on it

- can work independently of daily interaction with IT

- connect data from thousands of sources within hours

- the business data landscape changes and you need to be flexible into to what data you can connect within a one day of work, what you can do with it,

- there is more and more to do with data, more tools to use, more models to run, more people to cooperate. Keboola enables you to bring different people from different roles into one environment, share the work, collaborate on it and not be afraid that anything gets lost

- you brought data science people and they need access to clean data and their own sandboxes, collaboration environment and place to develop and productize their models

Clean it, build models, distribute insights, automate business processes

We have built a data platform as a service and on top of that platform we’ve built three product offerings Data Connection (ETL in cloud), DataScience Connection (environment for DS people to clean data, run sandboxes, build and test models, productize them and share them), DataIntegration Connection to consume the data and models. To put all the outcomes into work on daily bases within your company. Weave the data into your org.

““Keboola was instrumental in the success of our digital marketing analytics project both as integration technology and as extension of our team” Christopher Marin Senior Principal, Digital Marketing & Analytics ”
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Get Sailing in Three Easy Steps

Whether your goal is to produce a robust, yet flexible environment for your internal business data, or to build a client-facing data product, the requirements to work with the data itself are rather simple:

  1. Bring Data
  2. Transform Data into a Usable Format
  3. Visualize and Analyze
    the Data

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Dev program

We bring the right technologies and minds together, so you can focus on doing amazing things with data.

If you are interested in our Developer Program, please contact us and see developers.keboola.com.

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