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Connect legacy data with Cloud data. Collaborate. Gain fast insigts. Automate. Share!

Programmable data platform

We make data/BI/DataScience happen!

Optimized for "Snowflake, Redshift, Docker "

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Proven to boost your data teams productivity 4-6x

Get faster to your Insights. Finish all of your data projects.

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Perfect for Enabling data engineers, DataScience, IT and business build together. Focus 100% energy on the results, not running the HW.

Fast insights for business

Tableau, R, Python, your team

Get the data and the best tools to create adhoc analytics right in your department

Great data science power

Python, Jupyter, R

One click, get your personal sandbox with great memmory power to run all of your models

Data Engineers

SQL, Docker, RestAPI framework

Connect to any data right away. Create pipelines, automate, provide ready data and tools for your teams across the company


Git, notebooks, shared environment

Get the whole toolbox ready at a click away. We're ready for you. You ready to change the world?

See how to connect SalesForce, Database, Data to insights in 5 minutes:

Fluid integration, ETL, DataScience and automation.

All in one container based data platform you can add to.

Fire House Subs grows from 300 locations to 2000 thanks to data driven approach.

WestHam United automates all marketing activities through data within weeks

Uber rival in Europe withstand the preasure thanks to data driven approach and becomes #1 in his country!

Retailer gives data to store operators for daily analyses done in store, benchmarking and realizes 30% uptick in basket size! Grows 3x faster then before!

Worlds largest parking systems company PayByPhone automates world wide data insights delivery for it's clients like NewYork, Paris or Tokyo

““Keboola was instrumental in the success of our digital marketing analytics project both as integration technology and as extension of our team” Christopher Marin Senior Principal, Digital Marketing & Analytics DXC.COM ”

Get Sailing in Three Easy Steps

Whether your goal is to produce a robust, yet flexible environment for your internal business data, or to build a client-facing data product, we and our ecosystem of DataScience partners can help you:

1. You have the team ready, have data engineers, architects, analysts, data science folks, project managers. Your team know SQL, Python. All you want from us is Keboola Connection platform as self service to boost your PRODUCTIVITY

2. Analysts with SQL knowledge you have. You know what you want and from you need Keboola Connection platform, help with architecture, data engineering and Data Science

3. You have great business questions and problems and need great platform and complete team as a service to realize your ideas. We can help :)

Partner program

We bring the right technologies and minds together, so you can focus on doing amazing things with data.

If you are interested in our Developer Program, please contact us and see developers.keboola.com and register at apps.keboola.com

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