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For a data product owner, the pressures or engaging customers and generating revenue while protecting your core product and brand can be overwhelming.

We've been there, done that, and understand what it takes to build a great data product...

Data products are better with Keboola Inside

12345123The Old Way of Building Data ProductsThe Keboola WaySaved Time to MarketData FeedsReportsDashboardsData sourcesManual ETLprocess for eachdata sourceData sourcesMultiplemanuallymanageddata storesManualconnections todata visualizations& outputsBuilt-incombining &enriching inKeboolaManuallyimplemented& managedoutputs

We enable great data products through the power of 'and' — technology AND strategy.


The Technology to respond to changing customer needs at speed.

Connect to any data source, enhance it, prototype it, and publish to your data visualization tool of choice. Or, publish to multiple analytics systems at the same time.

Enrichments & Enhancements Add functionality like predictive analytics, benchmarking and text analytics Dashboards Reports Data Feeds Data from your core application Data from your cloud applications Data from customers’ sources Blending & Transformations Combine data Transform data Calculate Derivate data

Product Strategy

The Strategy to ensure that what you build is what the customers need.

The best technology is only as good as the product strategy you select. From personas to pricing to go-to-market planning — Keboola has the expertise you need.

Launch Strategy Develop Pricing Strategy Develop Metrics & Reports Create Product Functionality Tiers Launch Readiness Planning: Sales, Marketing, Legal, Support Technology Project Kick-off Technology Selection Develop Personas/ Workflows Product Workshop (Kick-off) Initial Asessment Take a Deep Breath and Start

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What our Clients say

“Working with Keboola has changed how we look at data. By giving franchisees access to operational and sales performance data in one location, we are empowering them to make the decisions that are best for their business.”

Danny Walsh
Director of Reporting & Analytics
Firehouse Subs

"HealthSpace was in search of a data platform that could meet our needs of monetizing the data we collect. After researching and comparing several companies, we landed on Keboola. Keboola's unique approach to their platform truly set apart their product offerings. However, it wasn't just a product but also service that led us to choosing Keboola. Their expertise in the areas of data aggregation, monetization and analytical delivery helped us shape our approach in the market all while developing a best-in-class product for us.

Silas Garrison
Chief Technology Officer

“Keboola have been a fundamental part of the continued success of our Fourth Analytics platform, from helping us create the initial architecture prior to the launch of the product, through to working closely with us to continually enhance and develop our functionality to become the hospitality industry’s leading BI and analytics platform. They are a trusted partner, and have grown over a number of years to become an integral and very much valued part of our extended team.”

Mike Shipley
Analytics & Insight Solutions Director,

“Keboola Connection allowed us to start super quickly building our analytics offering and focus on our strengths rather than building the underlying data processing infrastructure from scratch. Keboola is releasing updates on weekly basis and their support rocks.”

Simon Vostry
Founder & CEO
ZOOM International

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