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Get all required data from various sources into one place.

Typically, they connect to APIs of external services. But they can also connect directly to an arbitrary data- base, or process incoming e-mails.

No programming is necessary. More than 70 custom-built extractors, from marketing applications to finance, with own User Interface.

Clients with development resources can create their own Generic Extractor for implementing extractors for services with REST API.

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Modify your data. Clean it, blend it and put it back to Storage.

Data is picked from Storage, manipulated and then stored back again. Transformations can be created by writing a free-form script in SQL, R and Python.

We provide you with a sandbox to experiment in without worrying of losing critical data. is integrated for large SQL visual debugging.

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Deliver output data into systems and applications where it gets consumed.

Writers take the enriched and processed data, help to identify and describe it, and load it into its final destination.

Some of most popular writers currently supported are GoodData, Tableau, YellowFin, Redshift, Oracle database, Dropbox, Amazon S3, MySQL, ElasticSearch or Google Drive.

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Extend Keboola Connection with arbitrary code to extract, manipulate or write data. Or, go to App Store and choose extensions written by others.

Creating your own simple Custom Science application is easy and takes only a few minutes. Or use Docker for maximum flexibility, and we will run it for you. We take care of the billing, too.

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Make your large and complex projects fully automated.

Run a data extractor or any other component when and how often you want. Don’t like our scheduling? Write your own.

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Manage everything related to storing and accessing data.

As the core of Keboola’s architecture, Storage is a layer on top of various database engines that we use as our backends: MySQL, Redshift, and Snowflake.

Storage API provides Keboola Connection components and 3rd party applications with easy access to all required functionality while shielding them from the complexities that are irrelevant to the task at hand.

Enjoy the comfort of using Keboola’s storage, or connect your own remote storage.

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